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Voyageur Apartments - January 17, 2008
11 out of 12 people found this review helpful. Lived there until early 2007, and we left at the earliest opportunity.

We were never fans of loud music or partygoers so we wanted a place where we couldn't hear the neighbours. This wasn't it.

Soundproofing is practically non-existent. The floors sound hollow when you tap on them and the water-pipe heating carries noises through two floors. It was so bad we could hear the downstairs neighbour's answering machine messages, the ones above us having flings on their creaky beds, and one wonderful morning both upstairs and downstairs partygoers throwing up in their washrooms about the same time.

Ironically, soundproofing in the walls was fairly decent... or else we had quiet next-door neighbours.

We were always courteous, walking quietly and lifting chairs to avoid disturbing the downstairs neighbours, and rarely turning on music. Rather than return the favour, they instead cranked the music and TV loud, and had loud friends over as often as possible.

Smell of weed--and worse--started drifting into our unit toward the end of our stay, and since the rooms use passive ventilation even in washroom and kitchen we couldn't vent it out.

Management was useless and didn't care. Our new apartment is smaller, but we gladly paid an extra $200/mo to move into a quieter and all-round better building, with actual soundproofing, more reputable tenants and management that takes pride in their property.

Avoid Voyageur unless you can't afford paying a dollar more, and can sleep and live through a LOT of noise and tolerate shady neighbours.

Due to the property owner's disinterest in hiring good staff to manage the building, we're avoiding all other CLV-managed properties. After perusing the Renters News magazine, it's seems clear where the money from rent increases are going: slick advertising and free iPod shuffles to entice new renters. Don't be fooled!

I do not recommend this place.
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