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Baseline Court Apartment - July 2, 2007
19 out of 22 people found this review helpful. The Baseline Court Apartments, known also as the "four holes", have received extensive renovations conducted by The Butera Group. The outcome overall is impressive.

Aesthetically, the units are beautiful. Featuring open-concept kitchen/living rooms, gas stoves, tiling/carpeting, and clever looking paint-jobs. Compared to the average Ottawa apartment, the Court is certainly superior superficially.

However, there are some definite flaws.

1. Units do NOT contain thermostats. Yes, that's correct, tenants are unable to regulate heat levels.
2. Washrooms lack a controllable fan, a standard vent is present instead... with no noticeable air-flow. Prepare for ultra-steamy showers.
3. Smoke detectors are positioned too close to stoves (at least in junior 1 bedroom units).
4. No garbage chutes, rather, dumpsters located well-away from buildings.

There are a few other oddities, but they're too minor to mention.

I have one SOLID piece of advice for anyone who's considering moving to the Court Apartments. If unit selection is restricted to the first floor, be absolutely sure to verify that your unit is NOT located directly above the backdoor/laundry vent. I can't stress this enough. I had the unfortunate experience of learning this the hard way. Noisy inconsiderate tenants/guests, and smokers frequent the backdoor locale often. Worst of all, the laundry-detergent fumes that accompany the location are incredibly irksome, at least for me.

I recommend this place.
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