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Walkley Square Apartments - January 27, 2008
5 out of 6 people found this review helpful. SUMMARY: There a good things and bad things about this place. Good location in terms of shopping and OC Transpo, pretty quiet and not too expensive. Would be better if it was cleaner and safer.

* Very convenient location:
- Within close walking distance to a number of stores (Independent Grocer, Shoppers Drug Mart, Value Village, Gabriel's Pizza, Scotiabank, Subway, Cora's, Jumbo Video, and lots of other little stores).
- OC Transpo is great - bus stop is just outside building (#8 bus which runs every 20 mins or so). About a 5 min. walk to the #1 bus stop on Bank st. and just under 10 min. walk to the Walkley Bus Station and Transitway.
- If you have a car, you're about a 5 minute drive from South Keys, Billings Bridge, and Heron Gate shopping malls.

* Good price - I think their smallest one-bedroom starts at $709 and the largest one-bedroom starts at $740, not sure about the two-bedrooms.
* Pretty quiet – I never hear the people beside me and only sometimes hear the people above me.
* It is the only high-rise building in the immediate area (meaning that you are not stuck in the crummy high-density housing in the nearby Heron Gate area).
* The few maintenance requests that I have had have been dealt with relatively quickly.

- Started noticing cockroaches soon after moving in. Management has come in to treat the problem and I have not seen any for several months now – hopefully they are gone.
- There always seems to be junk from former tenants out at the front of the building (e.g. old furniture, mattresses, garbage)... makes me wonder why the tenants haven't taken it with them...
- The back side of the building is covered in graffiti and has been that way for some time. Kids from the local high school hang out there and in the stairwells at lunch, doing drugs etc.
- Several times have seen kids hanging out on the front steps of the building in the evening, drinking.

**I have been here for about a year now and in general, this is not a bad place to live. However, as a single mother living alone with a young daughter, I sometimes do not feel safe, especially if I am coming home after dark. I wish that the management would clean up the graffiti around the building and maybe invest in some security patrols.

I do not recommend this place.
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