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Eye(Z) - February 17, 2008
4 out of 8 people found this review helpful. I agree - TheCharM must either be talking about another place, or had a nightmare, or was loud and rude enough upon entering the store to be treated in such a manner.

I walked in this afternoon and had perfect service; attentive and helpful, but gave me some space to chat with my companion as we browsed and compared.

I came back later past 5pm, wanting to see a pair that had caught my eye earlier. However, when I entered I realized the store was empty and that they had already closed. Still, instead of turning me away, the woman (owner?) ushered me in and warmly invited me to show her the frames I liked. We chatted about them and she even selected a few other pairs for me to try on. Time went by as she checked my prescription and discussed different options with me; as I sat around deciding, she grabbed my current frames and insisted on fixing the bridge to straighten them out. Honestly, even though I know a commission is always an incentive, it was now over 30 minutes past closing time and I could have easily been asked to return during regular store hours. Instead, I was given so much time and attention - actually, EXTRA time and attention given that they should've been able to leave and I was completely alone in the store - and it admittedly really made the decision to buy them really easy to make. Although it's the cool, unique frames that were the clincher, the service was so stellar that I didn't feel the need to search any further.

And finally, I am a young professional, but happened to be dressed in very casual weekend clothes, so it's not like I should get preferrencial treatment. My white coat could use a cleaning and my boots were full of salt stains - but I was treated like one of their best customers would be. All to say that I'm hard-pressed to believe the first review from TheCharM, and I am sure there is more to the story than this person is letting on! I recommend for the unique selection and genuine sales staff.

I recommend this place.
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