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Voyageur Apartments - January 28, 2007
11 out of 12 people found this review helpful. The noise and security situations seem to be getting worse. When I lie in bed at night I can hear a man urinating into a toilet, in some other apartment nearby in the building. I am regularly treated to the sound of the couple fighting in the upstairs suite. The other night around 11 pm there was someone banging incessantly on a door in the hallway, for about an hour. Some of us were afraid to leave our suites to go look. Since the change of management I don't see the on-site superintendent anymore - there used to be two, alternating shifts. I suspect they've been let go and there is no more on-site presence at night.

The Voyageur is downgraded to 3 stars, in my opinion. Would not recommend to a friend except with reservations.

I do not recommend this place.
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Voyageur Apartments - January 4, 2007
9 out of 12 people found this review helpful. The Voyageur is a decent place to live. It's relatively quiet, and there is a good mix of residents - some seniors, some long-term tenants, some young families, some students. There's an indoor swimming pool, which is handy for keeping fit. Occasionally you will smell marijuana in certain hallways, and non-residents will frequently try to get in the front door of the building - this morning someone I didn't know rang my buzzer at 6:40. Fortunately I could see them on the security channel on the TV. Generally things are quite secure.

The walls are thin - I can hear the crying baby upstairs and my neighbours talking (not enough to make out what they're saying, for example, but the sound is noticeable). Since a recent change in on-site management the hot water now runs out from time to time, and the water in the pool is colder than it used to be - but these are minor complaints. Other than that, the management appears to be acceptable. Rent just went up in Jan 07.

Laundry is on each floor, open only from 8 am to 9 pm, and costs $1.75 per wash or dry. The building is a 30-second walk fm the #2 and 18 buses on Richmond Road, and a 12-14 min. walk from Lincoln Fields station. Pets are allowed - there are several cats and dogs living on my floor.

Overall the Voyageur is a decent place to hang your hat.

I recommend this place.
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