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Date Added: September 20, 2006
Address: 296 Bank Street, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 234-8692

Nearest Major Intersection: Somerset St W & Bank St


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Shopper Overall: July 19, 2011
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Older somalian lady at the customer service rolls her eyes, has very poor manners and is unfriendly,not the person who should be working at the customer service,but again,they seem to pick all of their stuff with that kind of personalities for some reason, they make an impressions of people who don't like people and who don't want to be there for customers.
I do not recommend this place.
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Bobie Overall: February 13, 2010
3 out of 6 people found this review helpful. What surprised me the most in this store that cashiers think that being a cashier at Hartman's gives them for some reason a right to behave the way they do - rude and disrespectful and they surely expect the customers to to be nice with them in return,why is that? Some sort of entitlement?
The black lady looking after the self registers rushed to me when I had trouble scanning my item,I thought she rushed to help,instead she started digging in my grocery bag from the organics store with the receipt in it,did she think I was stealing groceries? I also had 3 small tomatoes in a clear bag near the organics store bag on the right side,I didn't know where else to put it,I was scanning the grapefruits and couldn't hold it in my hand,so I put it there,I told her "It is my stuff" and she instead of helping me with the scanning, barked at me to put my stuff on the left.I asked her "Are you going to help me with the scanning, she pointed her finger said "Scan here" and left to sit in her chair again near self registers. I wish I just slapped her hand when she digged in my bag and next time I will.

I do not recommend this place.
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Shopper Overall: February 8, 2010
5 out of 7 people found this review helpful. I am not shopping there anymore for all of my groceries,I find they have a very bad customer service and very high prices and in my opinion noone seems to be interested in changing that.I use it as a convenient store and buy only single items and only once in a while now.I discovered that prices in all the other grocery stores in downtown like Loblaws at Isabelle and even Metro on Glebe ,not to mention stores around the city all have much lower prices on everything and by shopping somewhere else I can now afford to buy more groceries for less money,so that works for me much better than shopping in Hartman's and paying 18 dollars for the large bag of rice instead of 10 $ :) elsewhere.I now pay 5 dollars for the pack of yogurt instead of 7 at Hartman's :).Not to mention the good customer service I found that still exists everywhere else,which is a great bonus with the whole lot of savings :).
I do not recommend this place.
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