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Date Updated: September 22, 2006
Address: 731 Ridgewood Avenue, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 260-7550

Nearest Major Intersection: Walkley Rd & Springland Dr


Delivery: No (or n/a)


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Reviews: 20Badges: 1This user has a UserRank of 2
Overall: April 16, 2007
0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. I can only speak of the pizza here. Its wonderful. Their selection is a touch limited, but well rounded for the average pizza lover.
I recommend this place.
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Reviews: 37Badges: 7This user has a UserRank of 5
Overall: September 20, 2006
0 out of 1 people found this review helpful. A local favourite of mine, Mooney's Bay bistro is small, old fashioned, but reasonable in price, good service, and average portions. It has three distinct eating areas. A small patio outside during nicer weather, this can be a treat, but it is surrounded by a parking lot, a brick wall for a grocery store, and the rest of the small Riverside Mall.

Inside there are two areas separated mostly by a brick wall. On the left hand side we have what is basically a small local restaurant, nothing fancy, nothing special. Bright lighting, and a very casual atmosphere. On the right we have a more formal dining area with fancier tables, dimmer lighting, and more of a fancy evening mood. Their are candle centerpieces, which are a nice touch, though they are rarely lit.

Eating in these three areas, you almost feel like you are eating in three different restaurants, as each gives you a different feel. The service outside and in the more formal area seems to be a little worse than the service in the well lit less formal area, as it provides a clear line to the five seat bar, kitchen, and front door area.

If you go into the more formal area or outside, it usually takes a while longer to be noticed, and thus served.

Sometimes you will also find that you can't get any service, as everyone in the area seem to know the staff, and want to talk to them at length. The crowd eating here are mostly older people, but that is most likely due to the senior residence in the area.

The price of the food is reasonable, and the servings are just as large as any other restaurant you go to. The drinks are served in smaller glasses than I would like, but otherwise the food quality is very reasonable.

I think that the Mooney's Bay Bistro is an average restaurant, but it does work hard to appeal to the local group of people, even though there is really no competition within reasonable walking distance.

I recommend this place.
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