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Date Added: September 20, 2006
Address: 185 Clearview Avenue, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 729-4347

Nearest Major Intersection: Transitway & Churchill Ave N


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mr no name Overall: December 31, 2015
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. would not recommend this place, the only thing that is good is the location that's it, landlord will ask for above the guideline increases every year, apartments will never be renovated, just the exterior of the buildings to make it look good, bachelors are 850$ a months 1 bedrooms are 1150$ a months now, totally nuts, this place is so not worth the price :(
I do not recommend this place.
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horrible Overall: April 7, 2014
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. The management at this place is horrible. They don't do anything and give you attitude all the time. We specifically have it stated in out agreement that nobody is to enter our apartment without us being present and sure enough there have been multiple times they have
When brought to their attention they basically shrug you off and don't do anything about it. We've constantly been harassed with noise complaints for no reason
They basically take the word of other tenants and don't investigate any complaint then threaten to evict you
If you have a dog you now have to ask people in the elevator if you can come on with your pet. People smoke all the time in their apartments and nothing is done about it. They paint over mold. They take no responsibility for anything. Other then the location which is great it's a horrible place to live.

I do not recommend this place.
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Mr. Fake name Overall: May 8, 2013
7 out of 8 people found this review helpful. Ive lived in ipt for a year now and here is my take. The buildings in a great location, and all things considered there not in terrible shape. As long as you don't mind doing minor repairs on your own then its not too bad, but as soon as you have to ask for the landlord for something then u better be prepared to be harrassed by the creepiest landlord uve ever met. I mean the guys a psychopath. His name is Chris but he prefers cj or something douchbaggy like that lol. I remember i met him when i got back from afghanistan (as im in the canadian infantry) and he informed me he was in cadets or scouts or something which he assures me is the same thing as being in a combat unit, at least as far as training and experience. Anyways, thats pretty much how he runs the building, like a POW camp. He hangs out in the lobby alot eyeing up people who enter or exit the building. You will be harrassed by him... Daily, but u get used to it. If you are a female u can expect to be talked down to by this guy as well he will awkwardly fallow you around the building, which is funny when he has no idea someone is watching him while he stalks others. But the rest of the management is really nice, my gf just makes sure im there whenever cj comes into the apartment. However, It does still bother her that he has keys to where we live. But as long as u are sure u could take him out if he ever crossed the line then u should have no problem living here. I recently returned home after being out of the country for four months and this guy was sure to be right by my truck the morning of my first day back ready to heckle me for using visitor parking. It annoyed me to say the least so i went and got a visitor parking pass for the two days that i would be staying with my gf who i hadnt seen or talked to for three months. Anyways, this asshole called bylaw on me four times, so i got four parking tickets a new one would replace the one i took off within the hour. No joke i could see this guy watching the parking lot from his balcony for two days straight. So anyways after my parking pass expired i figured it was a good time to inform him that i was permited to park there the entire time which literally broke his heart. He got upset let his emotions get the better of him, said some pretty unprofessional things and through a temper tantrum. So this is the day to day living at ipt. Great place, one big problem. But dont worry hes on his way out, mentally that is. The crazies all get swooped up eventually.
I do not recommend this place.
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