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Date Added: September 20, 2006
Address: 1170 Fisher Avenue, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 728-1260

Nearest Major Intersection: Hollington St & Kingston Ave


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Ahmed Overall: July 30, 2015
0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. This building is a screwed, the rental office which is not in the same building is very bad old women cannot do well. using just paper, files are not updated, and they have a bitchy person her name is Daniel.
just stay away from this building. and it is not secure several accident happened inside the building on of them steeling bike from bike room the other is steeling things from basment lockers in 2015 and they have just one camera working. Cars' parking lot is not secure you put your car on your own risk. No camera nothing at all.
super attendant left them several times.

I do not recommend this place.
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outta here Overall: June 24, 2015
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. I have lived here with my family for close to 10 years.When we moved in Glenview owned the building,one super had been here for years,the second position had changed a few times over the years but most held the job for a while before moving on.Repairs were usually handled in a timely manner,the building was clean,the parking lots were clean and free of debris and derelict cars.Work was not allowed to be performed on cars,or even vacumning,which of course meant you had to o elsewhere to wash and clean your vehicle but was fair to all tenants.Glenview took care of problems quickly and respected tenants and their rights reasonable enjoyment of their home.In contrast we now have people working on vehicles at all hours,a scrapper with wrecks and scrap metal piled in lot.Garbage all over the lot,the fence line,treeline along property was not cleaned in the spring so is now grown over
Homestead is a different set up all together.They advertise all the time looking for staff,even the tv,s in lobbies of all their buildings do just that,they hire people with NO EXPERIENCE.This means tenants suffer,repairs are not done effectively,staff are unaware of tenants rights.In the few years since the building was sold there have been at least 6 super changes.The initial first "lead" super did nothing,he put all the work on others.Because of that the building,homestead let go several good employee's..other super's and cleaners.They finally woke up in head office after MANY tenants complaining,Since replacing that lead super(and before),several more super and cleaner changes have taken place.
Meanwhile tenants have suffered.During the reign of the first lead super,several tenants complained of illegal entries.As other reviews reflect they give out notices of entry far to often,not planning ahead to group them together or not doing things properly the first time,examples,3 to 4 visits to inspect 4 bolts on balcony rails when they first took over.Last week they started window changes.When working in units all apartment doors on floor propped/kept open all day,even when no work being performed.As well it is now DAY 2 of fire system testing,usually it is a one day deal(once a month) for 2 days now the system is on with a microphone on in lobby broadcasting all lobby noise through speakers in every unit and in all common areas.The system is loud by design and disturbing to tenants.It should not take 2 days,never has before and tenants reasonable enjoyment is not being considered.Instead of grouping things together we now get notice of a "annual inspection" the smoke detector,windows,taps etc.Instead of having them do it sae time as windows,there is supposed to be homestead people with the window installers,seen little but if in fact supervising could do inspection at same time.Many people,us included want to be home for these numerous entries/intrusions which requires time off of work.Too much to ask to consider tenants/this?!?! would be less stress on tenants and less staff time.
Another example of this is we once again just got both supers replaced,after several months of not having any or supers who were not doing their job(leal battles of their own aainst homestead,and not the first).During this time the cleaning was neglected or not done,at one point they had contracted cleaners who did very poor work,garbage piled in chute rooms,unclean halls etc.They got rid of them and hired cleaner/s.A week or so back our hall was vacumned on a weekday,on Sunday morning a unknown cleaner was bouncing the vacumn off of apt.doors in the hallway,yes on a sunday morning.Most people like a clean house,but not at 9am on a sunday when people have a day off work to sleep in or relax.The kick in the head was the following Monday window work commenced with teams of contractors pulling windows out and installing new ones.It does not make sense to interfere with tenants reasonable enjoyment on a sunday to clean when contractors are in the next day to total the place.
The bottom line is they do not have experience,do not communicate with each other or plan ahead and put the tenants last.Avoid this place and homestead,

I do not recommend this place.
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s&dottawa Overall: June 21, 2013
8 out of 8 people found this review helpful. The previous poster is likely a new mgnt staff or someone else who is trying to promote this place on behalf of new landlords-Homestead,
Their review does not even make sense,They say the former landlords were bad and yet go on to say they have spoken to have been there for years and that says something.Obviously if the former owners and staff were bad people WOULD NOT have stayed for years,ON the other hand before we left recently as long term tenants many others who had been there for years had left as well,The new owners have not done anything drastic for tenants,They have installed low flow toilets that cause problems and as well cheap,low energy lighting,Other then that nothing in units yet they enetered our unit probably over 12 times in past year.One of us took 2 days off of work for a scheduled repair only to not have them show as scheduled,The lead supers put the onus on the second supers to do all the workonIn less then a year one super left already,When we had a complaint about a neighbor the conversation went to religious values,other neighbors we spoke to told us they too had similar expeeriences when talking to onsite management and were offended by this.
The fact many people lived there for years under previous ownership and are leaving or have left in the last year says something,

I do not recommend this place.
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