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Date Added: September 20, 2006
Address: 9-1815 Baseline Road B, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 224-1896

Nearest Major Intersection: Baseline Rd & Navaho Dr


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Mark Swanson Overall: December 9, 2013
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Please read this before considering moving into these apartment buildings. I made the mistake of not properly investigating through sites like this and I'm currently paying the price. Although the buildings were renovated recently, they still have a host of issues:

- Small elevator that constantly reeks of garbage, vomit, or body odor.
- Paper thin walls. If one of your neighbours is sick, be prepared to hear them coughing/throwing up because you can hear virtually everything.
- The "juliet balcony" is nothing more than double doors that open with no screen, allowing flies/bugs to easily fly into your unit. If it's windy, be ready for the doors to fly open even when "locked". There was a storm once and I woke to the doors blown open and water everywhere.
- The gas stoves (why the hell these units have gas stoves is beyond me - probably because there was a bulk sales discount) do not work properly and fill the units with gas fumes. The fan above the stove does not lead to an exterior exhaust but instead just blows the fumes right back into the unit.
- There are numerous maintenance issues. There will be no hot water on random days with no notice at all. There was one period of more than 5 days without hot water. The claim management made was that they had to "order a part". When paying over $1000 for rent, this is unacceptable.
- If you live across from the stairs, the door to the stairs will slam each time it closes, causing the entire unit to shake.
- If you purchase a new mattress or large piece of furniture, they will charge you $50 to use the skyjack. The tenant should not have to pay for the fact that this building has a small, crappy elevator.
- There is no thermostat in the units. The heat is controlled centrally and is never consistent.
- There is no fan in the bathrooms, but rather a hole cut out in the ceiling with no apparent air circulation. This is a great environment for mould to grow rampant throughout the ceiling.

The renovations completed on these buildings were nothing more than band-aid fixes designed to get people to sign leases. I hope the owners go bankrupt and pay for what they've made the tenants go through. The rent prices are ridiculously inflated to the point where it's laughable. Steer clear of these buildings and you'll dodge a lethal bullet.

I do not recommend this place.
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pinkerton Overall: March 25, 2010
2 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Overall, the apartments are nice to live in. The buildings are generally well-maintained and things are usually fixed within an acceptable timeframe, with the exception of our elevator (has been down for 3 days) and my countertop-- this has a spot about the size of a loonie melted into it since I moved in a year ago, and although I was promised up and down that the issue was being taken care of, it is still there.

There is definitely a lack of storage space - the two-bedroom apartments' second bedrooms are indeed very small and only really suitable to be used for a den.

The parking is the biggest bone of contention for me - as has been mentioned before, parking is not assigned and if you are in the far building (1785) you have to share a small parking lot with the two middle buildings... often in the winter, if you come home after 7:00 you will have to park in the visitor's parking at the other end of the property and walk to your building. Although management threatens to enforce parking, they never do.

Laundry facilities are convenient as they are run by chip card so you don't have to scrounge for quarters every time you do your laundry.

Superindentents are generally respectful to deal with, but appear to be rotated through regularly. Tony is a horrible person to deal with.

I recommend this place.
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N/A Overall: March 4, 2010
3 out of 4 people found this review helpful. These apartments are great compared to anything out there aesthetically speaking. However, there are many issues that can cause problems:
Parking, for one, is not assigned. This can be very stressful if you work late because there will not be any spots available unless you park in visitors. People need parking lessons and management needs to work harder on making sure everyone in the lot has a parking sticker. So many people park illegally and never get ticketed or towed!! If parking was assigned this wouldn't be a problem. Also, a lot of students park in visitors during the day and walk over to the college so they don't have to pay for parking there.
Second, the hallways of the building are so small and narrow that it is impossible to move in furniture. They supply you with a sky jack for when you move in and out, but if you ever want to bring in new furniture or throw away an old couch for instance, they make you pay $50 every time you need the sky jack, using the excuse that they have to pay the workers who run it to come all the way here and control it for you. However, the people that run it are the maintenance guys who both live in the building (one guy lives on the floor above me). The rent is high enough and it isn't the tenants fault that the halls are too small. No one should have to pay to have an extra piece of furniture moved in.
Lastly, the small two bedroom units are not really two bedrooms at all, but in fact a one bedroom plus den. Be prepared to fight over the larger room if you want a roommate because the second room doesn't have space for anything more then a twin bed and a dresses, and even that is pushing it. If you want more room you have to live in the two bedroom suites but those are more expensive and short in supply There is also a huge shortage of storage both in the kitchen and closets. There is only one closet in the master and a shelf with a rod in the den. no place for towels and lines or coats and shoes.
Besides these inconveniences, the apartments are very nice and the staff work very hard and are timely for repairs and complaints.Snow removal is great and the walk ways are always salted.

I recommend this place.
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